Shaun L.

"Best Martial Arts school to train at! I have been training for ten years now and haven't looked back. The school is kept at a very clean standard. All the students here are so welcoming and friendly. Would absolutely recommend to anyone!"

Melissa K.

"Wonderful family friendly environment. Great classes for kids and adults! My kids are loving the Li'l Tigers classes and I'm enjoying the Applied Wing Chun classes _:)_"

Lilys L.

"Recommended to learn. Very good for keeping your health and stamina and can be used for self defence in critical conditions. I always wanted to find a good teacher for my kids and I've found it now : "ULTIMATE MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY", the one and only one I would recommend."

Tania N.

"Amazing, SiFu Henry he is an absolute authentic genuine gem ! I'm so very lucky to have him in our lives!!"

Evelyn S.

"Very interesting lesson structures, children never get bored. Not many academies offer coaching DIRECTLY from their SiFu hence, we have to say this is a DOUBLE THUMBS UP!"

Jesse H.

"Such a great place, to learn and train.. great students, make it a pleasurable experience to just be there, no matter your level of experience, a passionate teacher who explains why and what you are doing..."

Carol L.

Every class is different keeping the interest and motivation levels high. My daughter attends Li'l Tigers and has learnt and improved with so many skills, eg listening, cognitive, confidence level, and self-defence, just to name a few. SiFu Henry has welcomed us into his second home, and always has the time and patience to pass on his wisdom and teachings."

Rachael F.

"Fun and friendly environment and Henry is an awesome instructor. My son loves going to Wing Chun"


I have been doing fitness kickboxing for about 7 months now and it has completely changed my life. Almost 2 years ago my son started the Lil Tigers class at the Ultimate Martial Arts Academy. Around a year later, when she was old enough my daughter joined too.The kids love it. They are getting fit, strong, learning self-control, how to protect themselves and making friends. For over a year I sat watching my children do their classthen seeing the adults arrive for the fitness kickboxing afterwards. I desperately wanted to participate but was so overweight and hadn't done really any exercise for about two years! One afternoon at a club functionI spoke to SiFu Henry about my interest and concerns and he told me that everyone has to start somewhere and to just come along. Even though I was terrified I joined in the next class. It was the best thing I have ever done and there has been no looking back. It has changed my life. I am losing weight, getting fitter, stronger, learning to defend myself and for the first time in avery very long timeI feel in control of my body and see a positive long term future. I have to say that I am addicted now and never want to give it up. I feel completely empowered. Everyone at the academy in every class is great. I have made friendships that I'm sure will last forever. SiFu Henry is always available for advice on training, nutrition, technique and to have a laugh. You will never feel on your own. We are lucky to have soemone with his experience and international standing training us here in Hallam! My husband now does the Adult Wing Chun class too, so it's a family affair and we couldn't be happier. For anyone who is looking for an amazing, exciting, empowering exercise program please come alon. Yes, even if you are very overweight and have not properly moved in years. You will not regret it and you will be surprised what your body can actually do! Good Luck


The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy is an excellent place to learn Applied Wing Chun or develop one's fitness through the kickboxing class. SiFu Henry ia a world class instructor with an incredible amount of technical knowledge and extensive fight experience. SiFu Henry's patient and relaxed demeanor leads to a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to learning. I have trained at the academy for ten years I have enjoyed every moment spent training as the training is engaging and the lessons are never dull. I have grown not only as a martial artist but also as a person because of SiFu's generosity and meticulous instruction.


SiFu Henry Araneda thank you for being an inspiring teacher to us. Not only do you teach us Wing Chun, you also teach us a lifestyle.


I started at the Ultimate Martial Arts Academy just over 6 months ago to try gain some fitness after reaching almost 100kg in weight. Now I'm 65kg, 38 years old and never have never been more fit in my life. Not only does SiFu Henry help you gain fitness, he is one of the best martial artist in the world and an increadible teacher of many disciplines. I do Wing Chun and now both of my daughters are doing the little tigers class and are loving every minute of it. Every student there is a part of the family and always made feel welcome. It has been a soul lifting experience and I have learnt so much in 6 months that I can't wait to see how far I will come in the next 6 months. It s never too late to start learning self defence. Maybe it will change your life like it did mine.


I started coming to the Ultimate Martial Arts Academy in Hallam after putting on a tremendous amount of weight (36kg) after having my 2nd child. I was heavily overweight (got to a shocking 90kg) was seriously unfit, unhealthy and more importantly too unmotivated to make a change? Within the first month I lost 7kg and then continued to have amazing results every month that followed. Iam now at 57kg and well towards my pre-baby weight in just 5 months. It's been an incredible journey, and one that I could never have done without the support and encouragement of SiFu Henry. If you need to loose weight, increase your fitness, strength and flexibility whilst learning a unique and scientific martial art that will teach you self defence, discipline, dexterity, and assist you in achieving your goals personally, mentally and physically then you are definitely in the right place. Why pay for a gym membership that you"ll barely ever use? why run on a treadmill when you can learn a life long skill and art? If you ever thought martial arts was primarily for the young and it's far too late for you to start now then think again, because its never too late to start! We are fortunate enough to have THE Best Wing Chun Academy and World Renowned SiFu Henry Araneda, incredibly close to ushere in South East Melbourne (Hallam) so why not come by and give a shot. It just may be the best thing you ever did!


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