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Strengthen mind, body & spirit with these powerful Applied Wing Chun classes that teach self-defence, and get you in great shape fast...


Kids Martial Arts

Here in Hallam our Kids Martial Arts Program has both parents and children amazed! This Martial Arts Program will help teach your child not only self discipline but…

Purpose of the Ultimate Martial Arts Academy

We exist to better our community through Martial Arts.

Teaching yesterday’s values in today’s world through the philosophy of our school.

Our School Creed; Confidence, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Self Discipline.

We work to give our students the tools to succeed in life.

We are creating leaders to better our future.

Experience The Best in Martial Arts and Wing Chun

Learn Martial Arts - Wing Chun Kung Fu from an outstanding school!

The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy opened in 2004 and has been growing ever since - through the number of students that become a part of our family, to the personal growth that each student makes from their martial arts training. Our school offers a clean and safe environment for students to learn self-defence from an experienced head instructor of over 25+ years of martial arts training. Our academy is much more than just martial arts training. We are a lifestyle. This is evident as we have families who train in both our programs - Adults and Children. For children, is it important that they learn the art of self-defence. This is so they can enter the world full of confidence knowing that they can take care of themselves and be ready to achieve success. You can enrol yourself for self-defence classes as a new and fun type of physical activity. Martial Arts/Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu can also help to strengthen the mind as well as the body. We offer excellent classes in both of these as our instructors are well trained to teach self-defence.

  • Our Martial Arts School has been serving our community since 2004
  • Head Instructor SiFu Henry Araneda is a Founding Member of The International Applied Wing Chun Federation
  • We have classes for children 6-12 years old, teenagers and adults.
  • Our training programs are very Practical in it's approach to learning self defence.
  • Our Martial Arts classes range between 15-30 students
  • Our training programs are ideal for both Beginners and Advanced Students.
  • Join our Tribe! :-)

Growing Popularity of Martial Arts

Martial Arts is gaining popularity in Hallam and nearby areas like Narre Warre and Cranbourne. It's polpular as a self-defence and fitness activity. As a result, more and more people are looking forward to join our academy. This way, they can learn a new form of activity that will make them more confident, fit and healthy, and they will also feel prepared to take on the world. We teach Martial Arts at our state of the art facility which is always well-maintained and its ambience is perfect for learning. Our instructors are trained to teach students at all levels, beginners are always welcome! :-)

Wing Chun Kung Fu- A Self-Defence based Martial Art

You can learn Wing Chun Kung Fu which is another form of self-defence to enhance your body, mind, and soul. It will help keep you fit, and you will feel more energetic to take on the world. Our school is very well equipped and is always well maintained for you to feel comfortable while learning self-defence. Martial Arts can be learned at any age if you have the will to do so, you can always gain a great understanding. We do not discourage people of different gender, race, or religious values as our doors are always open to everyone.

Stay Fit and Healthy with Martial Arts

You can train at our school in Hallam and achieve your long-term fitness goals. We will make sure that you stay on track and give your best while learning something new. We have students who come from nearby suburbs, such as, Narre Warren, Berwick, Hampton Park, Endeavour Hills, Cranbourne, Dandenong, and much more. We have excellent instructors who can teach Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu as they have years of practice and experience and will help you in working towards achieving your objectives, staying fit, and learning a new form of self-defence. We will make sure that you get the best return for your time invested in our academy.

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