7 Reasons why children should join Martial Arts

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September 22, 2016
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August 6, 2018
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1. Encourages physical Activity

Technology has become a big part of everyone’s lives. As a result, children have access to tablets and smart phones and are easily carried away with playing games or watching videos. Martial arts encourage them to be involved in an energetic activity that will help them get fitter, stronger and more flexible.

2. Focus

As mentioned earlier technology is a part of our daily routine. Due to the nature of technology being so rapid, children have difficulty finding focus. One minute they will be on an app, the next they will be watching the latest music video. No patience. They are constantly jumping from one thing to another. In our martial arts training, we teach children to focus on one thing at a time and this helps them with their ability to focus.

3. Self-Confidence

Many children are put down with comments such as “No you’re too slow” or “No you’re too small” and this can be harmful towards a child’s self-confidence. An effective way to improve a child’s self- confidence is with the use of positive reinforcement. And this is what use at our school.

4. Self-Respect

Children will learn self-respect through martial arts. This is done through learning to respect others (their teachers and classmates) and other respect them. In martial arts we use the bow. It has no connection to religion, it’s about showing respect. So when children learn the bow, they understand that it’s a mutual respect when they bow to others.

5. Overcome Obstacles and Set Goals

At our school children learn to overcome obstacles and set goals. We teach children and help them understand that life is full of challenges that can be overcome through hard work. For example if a child learns a technique for the very first time and is unable to get it the correct way. Eventually they are able to execute the technique correctly and will learn persistence through their hard efforts and time spent. Their self-worth will be boosted too.

6. Self Esteem

Overcoming obstacles and achieving goals will also help the children with their self-esteem. They achieve a great feeling of accomplishment through their hard work that they have put in. Then they are more inclined to set new goals and overcome more obstacles.

7. Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

In martial arts training, we teach the children to resort to non-violence conflict resolution. A misconception in martial arts is it is only about throwing kicks and punches. This is far from the truth. We teach the children that they can only be in a clear state of mind before they can use their fist. When children learn what they can and cannot do, they understand that there is a better choice to avoid physical altercations when they experience these situations.

-Encourages physical activity -Focus
-Self Respect
-Self esteem
-non-violent conflict resolution -Self confidence
-obstacles and set goals.

Sifu Henry Araneda – Ultimate Martial Arts Academy